A real and graphic adventure

This time we begin at the end. And the end is laughter. A whole lot of laughter. We go from tension to surprise, from there to the release of adrenaline and continuing on to euphoria. Euphoria from having achieved that little goal, of having known to work together, and ransacking a room from top to bottom as if there were no tomorrow to find that missing piece, and finally getting it done.

From when the door opened, after a four-second countdown, hearts aflutter. What happened from that moments until the end (which in reality is the beginning) lasted almost an hour but for us it flashed by in a blink. Why? Because we were entertained, concentrated and united by one common goal: getting out of there. As the Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi can explain, we didn’t notice the time flying by because we were “in the flow“.

We’re being maybe a bit cryptic, but that is part of the essence of this game of escapism. Parapark* is a graphic adventure, along the same vein as Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and many other classic video-games, in which you have to go around solving various puzzles to reach your final goal -in this case opening the door to get out-; only this time the adventure is real. The game takes place in the rooms of a closed space set up for all this, where you find clues, objects, codes and mechanisms which will (or won’t) help you and your mates as you work to solve the enigma and open, with a bit of luck, the damn door. An hour of flow (call it flow, call it happiness) for all those adults who are kids at heart and are ready to for a good laugh.

*Parapark is in Madrid (calle Manzana, 15 local derecha) and Barcelona (calle Rei Martí, 33), as well as in Hungary and Croatia

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