Stack Magazines x Perdiz 9

Happiness is contagious.

For those of you who somehow don’t already know, Stack is an independent magazine subscription service that, since 2008, has been sending out a monthly surprise magazine to its lucky subscribers. Thanks to Steve and his brilliant henchmen (or -women), each month, a new independent magazine reaches thousands of followers who otherwise might never have discovered it. It works like this. First of all, you have to subscribe. Maybe a friend gave you a helpful nudge in the correct direction, maybe you made an end-of-year resolution to bring more quality reading into your life, maybe the idea came to you in a dream. Whatever it was – you subscribe to Stack – and they, with their impeccable taste, industry know-how, and years of expertise, select a magazine to send to you. It all invariably ends with you happily sitting on your sofa with a great read in your lap – though possibly a little less in shape since you never even had to get up. Frankly it’s so good it’s a little absurd.

Even better, though, is that this January they have just sent out Perdiz #9 (along with the extremely good-looking Picpus press) as the first Stack delivery of 2018. Inspired by the great reaction from subscribers the last time Perdiz went out on Stack (how long ago that issue #4 feels now!), we decided to collate some of the first Stack subscriber social media reactions to finding Perdiz #9 in their postbox.

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