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Perdiz explores the idiosyncrasies of people’s happiness through interviews, art and cartoons. In issue 9, happiness is diverse. Happiness can mean anything from playing a dead body in films, to creating the Barkley Marathon, one of the toughest ultra-marathons in the world. Or an ode to the deep fat fryer. (I’m definitely happier with fried food than ultra-marathons!)”

Arts Bites

“Perdiz is dedicated to happiness, and its pages are packed full with the many different ways in which people make themselves happy. There’s the man who organises the world’s most unpleasant race, there are the people who create bad art, and a loving focus on the humble deep fat fryer, responsible for so many of the most indulgent foods known to mankind.

It’s a beautifully understated and pleasingly off-beat publication. If you’re a Stack subscriber you’ll know all about it, so please do let us know what you think to the video below – did we miss your favourite bit? And if you haven’t seen Perdiz for yourself you clearly aren’t receiving our monthly magazine delivery.”


“Perdiz is a magazine about people and the things that make them happy. It’s been featured on magCulture several times before, thanks to its charming design and thoughtful, upbeat content. But in response to Blue Monday, and the general gloomy feeling that January often evokes, we thought we’d inject some brightness into your lives in the form of issue nine.”


“Published out of sunny Barcelona, Perdiz is a magazine about happiness. But instead of offering you tips on how to be happy, it’s more interested in the stories of ordinary people who have found the thing that makes them feel fulfilled in their lives. Among pages of unassuming photography, you’ll find first person narratives from hoarders, coverage of ultra-niche societies, comics of endearing self-discovery journeys, and lots and lots of smiles.”



“A part of me approached this theme with caution, expecting a fluffy, rainbows-and-unicorns approach. But to my surprise I found a quirky little magazine with a unique take on a somewhat broad theme. And, as promised, it was full of little things that made me smile.”

Creative Review

“With its baby pink colour palette and beautiful photography, issue six of the Spanish magazine is simply delicious – and even better, it’s all about happiness.”


Perdiz has one aim and one aim only: it wholeheartedly sets out to turn all frowns upside down, and what better way to do this than with warm photography, gentle illustrations and an open-bound spine that opens up with friendly, welcoming ease? We’ve showered praise on ‘the magazine about people and the things that make them happy’ many times before – and, as it continues to impress, we’re continuing with our compliments.”


“The result is surprising, intelligent, witty, good looking and… fun. The design expresses the high mood of the content perfectly, with good use of colour and subtles touches to the typography throughout. It is not overdone, but the team enjoy themselves. Good editorial design matches design and content, something Perdiz has been achieving with ease since it launched. It is a special magazine, one that arrives without false promises of a perfect life or of easy change. As I’ve written before, it is a magazine about people; it wears its enjoyment of life well and its enthusiasm is contagious. If that doesn’t do good I don’t know what does.”


“PERDIZ is a bilingual Spanish and English magazine all about the pursuit of happiness. It features heart-warming tales about the things that give people pleasure, from creative endeavours to life-long friendships.”


Steve Watson at QVED (International Editorial Design Conference) – min. 21:40


“PERDIZ is a magazine about things that make people happy. In a lesser magazine maker’s hands, this idea could have turned into something twee and saccharine, but ex-advertising copywriter Marta Puigdemasa has crafted something as fascinating as it is uplifting. The magazine does not focus on the usual clichés of happiness – this is not a study of vanilla tastes. Instead, we’re introduced to a man who has devoted his life to finding new ways to tie shoelaces, another who lives with a collection of lifelike ‘real girl’ dolls, a llama therapist, a man who likes to hold his breath underwater for as long as possible, an 85-year-old fashion model, an outsider artist and a UFO hunter. The take-home message is that happiness is possible. And it comes in many forms.”

Print is dead. Long live print.

“I think Perdiz magazine should open its own venue. We sent it out on Stack a couple of months ago and the response from subscribers was overwhelming – people loved it!.The whole magazine is dedicated to happiness, which in this issue meant karaoke, Icelandic fairies, coffee and drugs. If that bar doesn’t already exist somewhere in London it definitely should. And its masthead would make for fantastic signage – it sparkles in the light, which is just so much classier than neon.”


“The always colourful and great designed PERDIZ from Barcelona has published four issues so far. We talked to editor Marta Puigdemasa about her magazine and the Barcelona scene.”

Athenaeum Niewscentrum

“This month’s Stack delivery was Perdiz, a beautiful bilingual magazine made in Spain and dedicated to the idiosyncrasies of human happiness. It has been fantastically popular with subscribers, probably partly because of that lovely sparkly cover, partly because it’s pretty difficult to get hold of, and partly because everyone likes to be happy. The really important thing about Perdiz is that its happiness isn’t sappy. In fact some of it is downright alarming, with a bizarre parade of characters all pursuing their own personal definitions of what constitutes a happy life. It makes for a fascinating read.”

Stack Magazines

“The trouble with the wealth of magazines populating the shelves of newsagents worldwide these days is that too many of them purport to be something they’re not; a look at global culture in 100 pages, for example, or a snapshot of the newest, freshest, most exciting trends. Perdiz magazine, on the other hand simply claims to be about happiness; a humble goal, but one which this brightly coloured publication achieves very, very well. The content is fun and unpretentious, and beautifully packaged in simple, colourful design.”

It’s Nice That

“Anyone who has seen Perdiz on the shelf will know that it’s a very special magazine. Made by a small team of writers, editors and designers working in Barcelona, it’s made in the belief that happiness is contagious. But as editor-in-chief Marta Puigdemasa explains in her Stack interview, that doesn’t mean trying to tell people how to be happy. Instead the magazine simply shows some of the things that make others feel satisfied and fulfilled in their lives.”


“It’s eassssy on the eyes… I’m talking pretty pictures, lilac covers and hologram lettering. Last but not least, its moto is ‘la felicidad es contagiosa/happiness is contagious’ and it’s self-described as ‘a magazine about people and the things that make them happy’. When’s the next issue already?”


“Querida are a design and communication studio based in Barcelona. In Spain, they use the word ‘querida’ to refer to the lover, the woman that we love and want, the one that strikes our passion. And that’s how Querida like to see their projects that they work on: little or great love stories with brands, institutions and people that are as passionate for their work as they are.”


“Querida is Spanish for “beloved”, and it’s with the same adoration that this Spanish studio named themselves, as they treat their creative projects.“We love typography, illustration, colours, photography and we enjoy new technologies as much as we worship detail and craft.” Their love for what they do makes itself apparent in their work; from art direction and design for Perdiz magazine to an identity and corresponding stationery for Idep , Barcelona’s design school.”

It’s Nice That

“In the third issue of PERDIZ you can find out who the Lobster Goddess of Maine was this year, why Scott Roberts is so fascinated with spicy things, and who Father Santiago Caucino wants to score a goal against. Maury Gortemiller explains why, ever since a young lad, he has spent so many hours holding his breath underwater. We’ll set off on llamas (yes, llamas) named Marisco and N.H. Flight of the Eagle and head to an old-folks home, and then on to Everard Cunion, whose house is filled with beautiful, plastic women. Jose A. Pérez will have a telepathic conversation with Bill Gates and we’ll learn how to make our neighbourhood a better place. Are you ready? On to number three!”

The Magaziner

You can listen to our editor, Marta Puigdemasa, speaking in The Stack, Tyler Brûlé’s radio show for Monocle. Minute 00:23:50.

The Stack show on Monocle (RADIO)

“Spanish/English bilingual Perdiz is a lux little mag on happiness, on the things that make people happy. This pint-sized powerhouse takes you on a whistlestop tour of oddballs and eclectics with obsessions, collections and fetishes you can’t help but be fascinated by. It’s brilliant – ace design and print that conveys super specific, super interesting topics – like the guy that collects vacuum cleaners, virtual life, a grammar fiend, a seafaring photographer, Lady Pain and goats. A joy to read, and a great way to approach the world.”


“Two things make a good magazine – presentation and content. Many magazine will be good at one or the other, the best combine the two elements. Perdiz is one such magazine. Its second issue has just landed, promising further proof that ‘Happiness is Contagious’.”


“One of our favourite and most beautiful zines at the moment is PERDIZ from Spain. It’s published in Spanish and English and deals with art, literature, photography, illustration, current affairs and lifestyle. A hybrid of topics common at the moment for zines. Why choose just one topic or genre for your magazine?”

Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

“How can you not feel happy picking up a mag with a kaleidoscopic foil masthead? The striking cover is a precursor to what lies within this bilingual magazine hailing from Barcelona, which offers a look at the lives of people and the things they love that make them happy; #lifehacks that will make your life simpler, quirky illustrations and all sorts of other mood-lifting reading material.”


“The launch issue of Perdiz first appeared last Autumn, but what better for this dull, dark January than a magazine about happiness? This dual-language (Spanish-English) magazine is not only a great-looking publication but it overcomes any national differences to prove happiness is, as it says on the cover, contagious.”


“PERDIZ is a new and very promising magazine about things that make people happy, published bilingually (Spanish/English).”

The Magaziner

Premiere issue covers.
Issue#2 The Best of The Test.


“Published bilingually (English/Spanish) and quarterly, PERDIZ is a new magazine about people and the things that make them happy.”

Crap = Good

“The editorial team at Perdiz has done a great job of finding and interviewing an impressively eclectic bunch of happy folk.”

Creative Review

“It’s always good to see new magazines emerging and it’s even better to see that this is happening in your own country. When Marta Puigdemasa, the founder of Perdiz, messaged me about the magazine she just had started, I decided to ask her some questions about this new exciting publication.”

The Rain Will Remain

“We can put an It’s Nice That seal of approval on this publication, it quite literally does what it sets out to. Happiness really IS contagious.”

It’s Nice That

Perdiz, Spanish for ‘Partridge’, is a new magazine with a very simple area of focus. That all too elusive emotion: happiness. Comprised of a variety of stories, interviews, profiles and photography, Perdiz investigates all the whys, the whats and the hows of the things that raise people’s spirits.”

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“PERDIZ means Partridge and has the same connotations in Spanish as lark does in English – larking around etc)”


“PERDIZ is a magazine about people and the things that make them happy.”


“Out of recession-battered Barcelona blooms a new magazine all about happiness. PERDIZ – translation ‘partridge’, from the Spanish saying ‘happier than a partridge’ (it rhymes as opposed to being based on knowledge that partridges are happy birds) – is bilingual English/Spanish and can be found in the ICA and Tate Modern bookshops.”

LE COOL London’s blog

“Are you having a great day and feeling ecstatically happy? Then, PERDIZ magazine is a great place for you to spread the joy to someone you don’t even know!”


“A new magazine that aims to brighten our mornings (and while at it, to make our life last longer). PERDIZ is the other side of the coin, the good news, smiles, pleasures and utopias of an improvised choreography in the tube in rush hour.”


“Often these days we are depressed by news and emotionless stories celebrating new tech, new designers, etc, and such news comes in such an abundance that we no longer think an emotional connection with what we read matters. But Perdiz is here to remind us not only of the pleasure of reading; it also reminds us of how important it is to be happy, and what happiness is made of.”


“Perdiz is truly unique – a design-heavy journal on happiness. Yes, happiness; this little magazine curates hobbies and passions, curiosities and dreams. As such it’s a wonderfully human publication, and wilfully weird – contents include New York pigeon keeping, mountain cycling, taxidermy, experimental post-capitalist utopias, a Britney Spears lookalike and a centenarian.”


“Issue two of Spanish / English bombshell perdizmagazine is out now, and it’s looking better (and weirder) than ever.”

Stack Magazines

“It’s possible. You can fill 96 pages with positive stories. In issue #2 of PERDIZ you can, among other things, find out about Corey Arnold, photographer and fisherman, and Richard Aslan’s love of grammar. You can also read about the personal quest of Magnum photographer Alec Soth, who wanted to find happiness by escaping, but in the end decided to stay, as well as discovering why some people love vacuums, look for signs of intelligent life in the universe, and have alter egos in virtual worlds.”

The Magaziner

“There is nothing I love more than seeing a project executed from start to finish with immaculate attention to detail and design.”


In Spanish

“Perdiz Magazine es una revista de cosas que hacen feliz a la gente. Sin tabús, sin juicios morales ni recetas mágicas, este team tiene como objetivo contar las historias más reales de gente normal como tú y yo en un tono optimista y fresco y sobre todo de forma súper abierta y humilde. Si juntas este contenido con un diseño escueto y exquisito que juega con las formas y los colores, obra del estudio barcelonés Querida, esta editorial se convierte en un híbrido entre revista cultural vanguardista y objeto de decoración.”


Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

“El tiempo vuela y a Perdiz le sienta de maravilla: maduración exquisita. Su sexto número luce una portada que apetece tocar, que apetece acariciar. Una portada rosa con una fotografía de la francesa Margaux Roy, quien capturó la imagen en el baño de un hotel en Túnez. Tras esto una ilustración que esboza uno de nuestros juegos favoritos, como levantar a una persona con tan sólo cinco dedos. Y a partir de aquí un saco de historias que hacen felices a la gente. Un arquitecto que dejó su profesión para dedicarse a las abejas, una oda para (con)centrarse a la hora de ir al lavabo, una carta de amor a la Torre Eiffel o su selección de buenas noticias.”

Creative Mornings en

“El original evento, que no impide que en el resto del love hotel sigan acudiendo parejas para hacer el amor con discreción y comodidad, ha sido organizada por la revista Perdiz, una publicación de diseño que en este número 4 aborda la felicidad. «Nuestro reportaje principal es de una fotógrafa china que trata del amor con su pareja. Siempre tematizamos nuestras fiestas y hacemos juegos. Yo conocía La França de otra fiesta y es un sitio especial, envuelto de secretismo y con esa sensación de clandestinidad», explica Marta Puigdemasa, editora jefe de la revista Perdiz.”

El Periódico

“El pasado jueves día 15 de mayo tuvimos el placer de poner la parte gastronómica en la presentación del nuevo número de Perdiz Magazine dedicado al amor.”


“Perdiz Magazine ya va por su tercer número, y no podría gustarme más. El diseño está muy cuidado, y desde mi punto de vista merece la pena cada euro que cuesta. Además el texto viene tanto en inglés como en español, cosa que veo muy original.”

Lua Lunera

“Ya se puede conseguir el número 3 de Perdiz Magazine. Colaboro ilustrando una entrevista ficticia a Bill Gates escrita por Jose A. Pérez. Aquí dejo uno de mis dibujos.”

Alexis Nolla

Lo mejor del año #revistas. Este 2013 ha sido el año de las revistas: las hemos visto nacer, crecer y triunfar. Aquí os dejamos con las 4 revistas/publicaciones que no olvidaremos de este año: Perdiz Magazine, OdiseoFuet Magazine y Erase.”

“Ya está aquí el número 3 de Perdiz, la revista que nos pone felices. Asistimos a su nacimiento, vimos aparecer el primer número de entre la tristeza y la crisis para iluminar nuestras vidas. Benditas palabras que llenaron nuestros corazones de esperanza. Ahora con este tercer número, asumimos que la alegría será por triplicado y que nos dolerá la cara de tanto sonreír. La felicidad es contagiosa.”

“La dirección de arte de este fanzine va de la mano de Querida, un estudio afincado en Barcelona que define sus proyectos como ‘pequeñas o grandes historias de amor con las marcas, instituciones y personas que son tan apasionados por su trabajo como nosotros’, una declaración de amor y pasión hacia su trabajo.”


“Una publicación atípica, con un diseño gráfico capitaneado por Querida, en el que defienden un activismo social en positivo. Sin duda, un objeto coleccionable, que todo amante de los fanzines y del buen gusto debería tener en su coffee table.”

Broken Stylee

“Perdiz una revista sobre gente y las cosas que les hacen felices. Contenido positivista y entusiasta, cuyo lema es “La felicidad es contagiosa”. Diseño a cargo del estudio Querida.

El Secreto Canario

“El equipo de PERDIZ ha conseguido sacar adelante una idea muy bien diseñada, con una identidad muy peculiar y unos contenidos sorprendentes. Recuerda que la Felicidad es contagiosa, así que anímate a contarlo.”


“Historias extraordinarias que van desde testimonios de la doble de Brittney Spears a la cría de palomas mensajeras en la azoteas de Nueva York, aderezado con unas imágenes realmente bonitas, comenzando por su portada con una imagen del artista contemporáneo Yue Minjun. Se nota que está hecha con mucho cariño.”

Loreak Mendian

“Una muestra de periodismo positivo hecho para durar, con una presentación cuidada y orientada al coleccionismo, así como unos contenidos que invitan al arte a pasearse por unas páginas en las que encontraremos historias para todos los gustos.”


“Una revista sobre personas y las cosas que les hacen felices.”


“PERDIZ es una nueva revista nacida en Barcelona que habla de la felicidad en el mejor momento para hablar de ello, ahora que hay quién se olvida o lo deja para más tarde.”


“Esta publicación tiene secciones deseables en otros medios: Cosas bonitas, Sonrisas, Gente normal, Buenas noticias… además de algunos reportajes que inciden en la idea de que todos podemos ser más felices si nos lo proponemos. O, mejor aún, de que todos somos más felices de lo que nos permitimos demostrar o de lo que la misma sociedad nos deja expresar.”

El Desconsciente

“Perdiz, un magazine sobre la felicidad, sobre las historias y experiencias que forman la biografía colectiva de la humanidad en positivo. A grandes rasgos, es una antología de la vida.”

lamono Magazine

“PERDIZ es como una pastilla contra el desánimo. Hacía falta.”

Diario Abierto

“PERDIZ no te dice qué hacer para ser feliz, ni siquiera sugiere que debas hacer algo.”

LE COOL Barcelona

“Ellos creen que la felicidad es contagiosa y nosotros estamos de acuerdo. Leer formulas reales que acaben bien, sin caer en cuentos de hadas es difícil, y al menos, en su primer número lo han conseguido: Contagian optimismo.”

Los 30 Fantásticos

“Un nuevo medio, pero esta vez sobre noticias felices, llega al kiosco.”

El Publicista

“PERDIZ es una nueva revista trimestral que quiere hablar de las cosas que hacen feliz a la gente. Ya saben: en el supuesto ocaso de la prensa impresa (valga la redudancia) nacen muchas publicaciones independientes y originales. Y mola.”

Quinta Tinta

“Una revista sobre personas y las cosas que les hacen felices.”


“PERDIZ es una revista sobre personas y las cosas que les hacen felices. Con esta autodefinición resulta imposible no caer rendido a sus pies. Trimestral, sin publicidad y reivindicando las historias por encima de todo. Son los últimos en llegar y esperemos que se queden por mucho mucho tiempo.”


“Tanto por dentro como por fuera, el cuidado diseño acompaña la dulce lírica de los textos bilingües (español / inglés).”

Mi Petit Madrid

“¡OLE! La felicidad es contagiosa, claro que sí. Nosotros proponemos: compremos la revista para tomar ideas de cómo ser felices, de cómo otros lo son, igual nos inspiramos un poquito.  Intentemos que la felicidad se expanda, que fluya, que se pegue a más no poder. Empecemos por contagiárselo a la familia, a los amigos, a los compañeros de trabajo (incluso a los que no se lo merecen) … Y a ver qué pasa, mal no nos puede ir.”

Disorder Magazine

“No, el nuevo número de Perdiz no huele a fresa ácida, aunque en la portada haya una gran pompa de chicle, de esas que cuando explotan te llenan hasta la nariz. Pero si que huele a imprenta, a proyecto bonito y sobre todo, huele a amor. Porque detrás de Perdiz, hay gente como Marta Puigdemasa, que en los tiempos que corren, se atreven a sacar una revista independiente, prestando especial atención a sus historias, imágenes y detalles, con el único propósito que contagiar sonrisas. Una valiente en busca de alegrías… y no hace falta una exuberante carcajada, con una pequeña mueca, ya vale.”

“A la hora de la verdad se gana la vida escribiendo sobre cultura, ocio y viajes. Y su pasión es Perdiz, una revista-objeto en inglés y español sobre cosas que hacen feliz a la gente, en su sentido más amplio (¡nada de autoayuda!). La revista es en papel, con un diseño muy cuidado, y se distribuye a nivel internacional en librerías especializadas y librerías de museos como el Tate Modern en Londres, el MOMA PS1 en NYC, el Palais de Tokyo en Paris, el Reina Sofía en Madrid o el MACBA en Barcelona..”

Other languages

Parlant al programa Preferents de Ràdio 4.


“Nasıl mutlu olunacağı konusunda vaaz vermek yerine başka insanların nelerle mutlu olduğunu göstermeye çalışan derginin bu ayki sayısında karaoke ve iyi kahveyi hayatının odak noktasına getirmiş insanlarla söyleşiler okunabiliyor.”

londranotlari (Turkey)

“PERDIZ i la festa de presentació del número #4 al programa Els bons propòsits del cap de setmana.”

Catalunya Ràdio (Catalonia)

“La mission du magazine catalan, PERDIZ, est de rencontrer des gens normaux pour partager cequi les rend heureux. Entretien avec la directrice de PERDIZ, Marta Puigdemasa.”

Baron Magazine (France)

«La rivista fatta di cose che rendono felici la gente. Liquidare la rivista spagnola Perdiz come una raccolta di buone notizie significherebbe non rendere giustizia a una rivista indipendente che in soli tre numeri e grazie all’alta qualità dei contenuti, alle belle foto, alle splendide illustrazioni e al design impeccabile (curato dallo studio creativo Querida) è riuscita a conquistare estimatori in tutto il mondo.»

Frizzifrizzi (Italy)


NRC (Netherland)

“Perdiz ist Fotoessay, Reportagemagazin und Sammelalbum. Warum zaubern Bergtouren auf dem Fahrrad manchen Menschen ein Strahlen ins Gesicht? Was hat es mit dem japanischen Lächeln auf sich? Und warum findet ein 14-Jähriger seine größte Freude in Mathematik? Perdiz geht diesen Fragen auf den Grund und schafft dabei noch Entscheidendes: Es macht seinen Leser glücklich.”

Voll auf die Presse (Germany)

“Perdiz ist ein Magazin über Menschen und Dinge, die sie glücklich machen. Eine Zusammenstellung erstaunlichsten Geschichten aus dem Volk. Ein Überlebenshandbuch ohne magische Formeln. Eine Sammlung von schönen Dingen.”

Eins | eins | eins (Germany)