In <3 with Kim Kardashian

May 5 of 2015 is a date that will go down in history as a key moment in the development of human art. Kimberly Kardashian West, possibly the most famous woman on the planet, published a 448-page book made up entirely of her own selfies. It’s fair to say nobody

The witchdoctor who wears his fortune

Text by Antonio González Aguayo Photo: Jackie Clausen Meet Michael Andile Dlamini, a very popular South African wizard, known for never stepping out looking less than a million dollars. Well, it certainly makes a change from here in Spain. Over here everybody’s poor, nobody’s got a penny to their name; not even all those

The Renaissance of Utopias

Text: Johnny Crisp  Five hundred years ago, Sir Thomas More coined the phrase “utopia”. From the Greek “ou-”, meaning “not” and “topos”, meaning “place”, it literally meant ‘nowhere’: a place defined by its impossibility.  When asked about the common (mis)understanding driven by a happy homophone in English and French – that