Instagram of the Week: Laia Gutiérrez

#Makesmehappy series from Laia Gutiérrez *** @lai_gutierrez Taking photos of my mum #makesmehappy Discovering new worlds #makesmehappy Finding beauty in grains of sand #makesmehappy Ginger hair #makesmehappy Pink sky reflected on water #makesmehappy Usually, drinking liquor #makesmehappy An unexpected and awesome sky #makesmehappy

Looking for Summer in the Middle of My Adulthood

Text and photos: Elena Aya Bundurakis Sink your teeth into the watermelon flesh and on your chin; pink rivers! Let them flow. And when they dry, with your small fingertip rub them softly, so that they fall inside your blouse. And then your chest can eat a little bit of Summer. Sinking my teeth into watermelon flesh is happiness. When you voluntarily cut yourself

Instagram of the Week: Lluís Tudela

#Makesmehappy series from Lluís Tudela *** @lluistudela Weird things #makemehappy Thinking about Beirut #makesmehappy Sharing intimacy #makesmehappy Walking around the city and be surprised by light effects #makesmehappy Still lifes in my desk #makemehappy Wetlands #makemehappy