Hajwalah: Peter Garritano

Photos: Peter Garritano. Text: Johnny Crisp. As a teenager interested in cars, the New York based photographer, Peter Garritano, remembers searching for car videos on YouTube and coming across “the craziest driving I’ve ever seen”. This was the first time he ran into hajwalah. Also known as “Arab drifting” or “Saudi drifting”,

Instagram of the Week: Pol Agustí

#Makesmehappy series from Pol Agustí *** @polagusti A bath in all kinds of water #makesmehappy Buying healthy groceries #makesmehappy Love #makesmehappy Meeting monsters #makesmehappy Road trips #makemehappy Stretching #makesmehappy Trips that take you to another planet #makemehappy Friends coming over to my place #makemehappy

GGG Project: Korea in Love

Interview: Marta Knás. Photos: Hyunji Lee For Hyunji Lee photography is just a tool for documentation. The moments she picks are often joyous: moments where love, friendship, and dreams are depicted as an intrinsic part of human nature. When she graduated, the South Korean photographer postponed her plans of getting a job