MACK @ Wer-Haus: Photobooks under the spotlight

Michael Mack knows a thing or two about the art of publishing books. Since launching his London-based editorial house, MACK, in 2010, he has published over 500, collaborating with artists, photographers, writers, and curators (from the revered to the up-and-coming) to create a formidable catalogue that exists as an ode to the book as an art form.

Launching at 19.00 this Thursday at Wer-Haus in Barcelona, MACK has curated an exhibition telling the story of its history as a publishing house – featuring classic books from the likes of Collier Schorr and PERDIZ favourite Alec Soth, through to more recent offerings by artists such as Gregory Halpern and Torbjørn Rødland.

There I Was by Collier Schorr 

Gathered Leaves by Alec Soth

Also featured will be the six winners of the First Book Award: a yearly prize awarded to one of several nominated works by photographers who had not previously had a book published by a publishing house.

Nothing’s in Vain by Emmanuelle Andrianjafy

The exhibition will last a month, and coincides with the Photobook Phenomenon installation at the CCCB, where a host of MACK titles will also be on display.

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