Perdiz 9 Contributors: Jordy van den Nieuwendijk

Who are you and what do you do?
I am a Dutch illustrator, painter, and drawing teacher. But to be fair, I’m mostly walking my dog on beaches and in forests.

What did you do for PERDIZ?
I was asked to do the magazine cover, to all of my excitement!Can you take us through the creative process you went through to come up with – and perfect – our cover image?
The art directors pretty much picked one of the visual languages I work in every now and then, and explained about the theme of ‘Happiness’, which to me is Loving and Caring.

Does your work always reflect your mood? Did you need to be happy to create this hat-holding figure, for example?
Dark drawings have been made after a terrible break-up, and colourful works have been created while in love, yes, I do believe I am emotionally connected to what I do.

When did you wake up today?
I overslept today, missed an appointment at the Royal Academy and was too late collecting my dog at a friend’s house – points for honesty, not painting a good picture of myself here though!

What makes you happy in your day-to-day life?
Drawing, Painting, Reading (looking at images that is), Eating, Having hot showers, Walking my dog, Teaching, Seeing friends. Using Capitals.

Do you remember the last time something made you laugh and what it was?
Ah yeah, a close friend moved to England the other day for his new job, only to have the company go bankrupt one week later. We had a good laugh, mostly preventing us from crying I believe.

Can you recommend us someone in your city that makes you feel good?
Kate Isobel Scott. And the animations she makes. Seriously. Hire her.

And a place?
The place in my city I enjoy the most is definitely the beach. I walk my dog there almost every day, and although a bit of a cliché for a Dutchman; the combination of the dunes, beach sea and sky is just terrific.

A song that puts a bounce in your step?
Any song by Tory Y Moi or Anna of The North at the moment.

And a food that makes your stomach happy?
This is where I don’t want to say French Fries.

What was the last piece of good news you remember reading?
My friend Julien got his driving license (I do watch the actual news, but this was fun, he doesn’t fit in any car, being 2 meters and 22 centimetres).

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