Photography: Carla Deltoro

This is a project about love. Phenethylamine [Feniletilamina in Spanish] is a central nervous system stimulant, a neurotransmitter responsible for that nervous tingling feeling that (among others) takes over whenever we fall in love. In other words, there is a reason why we are so drawn to specific people, and it has a name.

That’s the message that Carla Deltoro, the author of Feniletilamina, wants to transmit. She says the photos in her project are “a recognition of femininity and masculinity as roles that have been assumed in the search for an inexhaustible romantic love, all powerful and all forgiving, and which should make us happy ‘til death do us part’ but which in fact has a fixed expiry date”.

This is a portrait of the “shining, intense, and immature love that lives under the thumb of Hollywood and Disney”.

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