Do you have a story for PERDIZ?


We are looking for features, essays and intervies on stuff that makes people happy, in the widest sense.


We want to know what makes people happy all around the world. No taboos. No moral judgements. Just always trying to send positive inputs to our readers’ brains. We’re looking for weird and wonderful stories from common people, because we all are extraordinary. We also want to learn how to improve our lives; and to get to know collectives and individuals that are trying to create a better world. Other than texts, it’s fair to say that we’re also interested in photo essays and art, namely beautiful things: anything (from a poem, to a lyric, an illustration or a photograph) that makes you feel fascinated with pleasure for a few timeless seconds.


Our glass is always half-full. We’re interested in humour. PERDIZ is fresh, light and optimistic. It doesn’t tell you what you should do to be happy, or even suggest that you should do something, it just explains what other people do to be satisfied with their own lives. It offers paths and questions more than instantaneous solutions. Our articles aim to be inspirational (but also promote tolerance if you don’t particularly like what you see or read).

Good to know

In this first issues, we couldn’t pay our contributors. However, we hope we’ll be able to pay them in the near future and wish that the magazine will benefit writers and readers alike: PERDIZ will be distributed free to a wide list of editors, publishers, and other relevant persons. We promise to consider your work in detail, present it the best way, and make it reach people who can pay for your talent.

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