PERDIZ #7 contributors: Samuel Valiente

Translation by Johnny Crisp

Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Samuel Valiente and I’m a writer. I pay the bills working as a creative for an ad agency and from time to time I publish stuff elsewhere.

Photo by Laura Rosal

Ah! and now I’ve written a book, which I would like to be the first of many.


What have you done for PERDIZ?
I’ve written two or three articles.

I like writing for Perdiz because it allows me to open my mind up wide and take a few liberties, stylistically. There ought to be more magazines like this, damn it.

When did you wake up today? What did you have for breakfast?
I got up at 9 and had a milky tea and one of those little cakes which have frosted sugar on top but which you wouldn’t really call a muffin or a cupcake.

What makes you happy in your day to day life?
Sleeping. Seriously, being awake is fine, but when I get into bed for the night, if I’m serene enough to be able to think about it, I get really happy about the prospect of spending eight hours in another world.

Do you remember the last time something made you laugh and what it was?
I don’t know, most likely something my girlfriend said. She’s quite funny, that girl.

Is there something you’ve changed recently that has made your life better?
Instead of getting comprehensively drunk once a week, I get very slightly drunk every day. From what I’ve been able to deduce from the people around me, this is an unmistakeable sign of maturity. Although I’m not sure it’s a good thing.

Can you recommend us somewhere in your city that makes you feel well?
I like El Raval, on the whole. Walking through the streets there makes you realise how alive Barcelona (still) is.

And a song that puts a bounce in your step?
Posters, by Youth Lagoon.

And a food that makes your stomach happy?
Any kind of Ceviche.

What was the last piece of good news you remember?
It’s not really news, but I’ve just seen a video in which Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton sing “Time of my Life” together and that made me very happy for a little bit.

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