PERDIZ #5 contributors: Salva López

1. Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Salva and I’m a photographer.
10995912_10206138347282065_1337508510632960797_oPortrait by Yosigo

2. What have you done for PERDIZ?
A series of boring still life photos for an article about A Boring Conference.

Captura de pantalla 2015-07-14 a las 11.22.25

3. When did you wake up today? What did you have for breakfast?
Today I woke up at 9.30am. I usually don’t have breakfast, unless I’m really starving. If that’s the case, I eat anything I have at hand and quickly.

4. What makes you happy in your day to day life?
I never thought I would say this but… getting home and finding everything clean and tidy.

5. Do you remember the last time something made you laugh and what it was?
Some of the videos.

6. Is there something you’ve changed recently that has made your life better?
Moving my office from home to my new studio.

7. Can you recommend us somewhere in your city that makes you feel well?
The Raval neighbourhood in Barcelona.

8. And a song that puts a bounce in your step?
Anything by The Shins.

9. And a food that makes your stomach happy?
Una Mica de Japó‘s katsudon.

10. What was the last piece of good news you remember?
Knowing that my mother, who had an operation to remove some kidney stones, is recovering very well.

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