Le Cirque de Calder

Well-known worldwide for his mobile sculptures, most of them large-scale, American sculpture Alexander Calder dedicated an important part of his existence to his greater fascination: the circus.

He was that obsessed, that one day he started crafting by hand a dreamy circus stage and its magical characters. He used ropes, wires, rubber, fabrics and other found objects. The stage was portable and originally designed to fit inside only one suitcase (although he eventually needed five!).

Calder himself gave life to his characters (the lion, the trapeze artist, the clown), while his wife set the circus sound track for the show. Since the premiere in 1926 and during the 30’s, ‘Le Cirque de Calder’ was enjoyed by all the bohemian from Paris and New York: from Jean Cocteau to Piet Mondrian, Le Corbusier, Thomas Wolfe or Joan Miró.

The film – shot in 1961 by Carlos Vilardebó – and other objects made by the American genius can now be seen in the Whitney Museum of America of New York.

Following, ‘Le Cirque de Calder’ in three acts:




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