PERDIZ #8 contributors: Carlota Guerrero

Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Carlota Guerrero and I work with images. I use a lot of different tools to project different images: sometimes photos, sometimes videos, and sometimes performances.

Shot by Paloma Lanna @palomawool for @bonmagazine

When did you wake up today? What did you have for breakfast?
I got up at 8.00 and stayed in bed reading a book I am completely hooked on: The Book, by Alan Watts. I had a cup of tea, and, as you can see, I’m just now having breakfast again: cheese on toast with a coffee.

What makes you happy in your day to day life?
I don’t know, a lot of things: being alive, having legs… umm…

Do you remember the last time something made you laugh and what it was?
Yesterday I laughed a lot. I was in the gym at a dance class and I was very thirsty. I knew that my friend Olga was just in the other room with her bottle of water, running. So I quickly jumped out and stole her bottle and drank it all in one go while she was shouting: “What are you doing!?” Later I laughed a lot thinking about how I’d been a water thief.

What did you do for PERDIZ?
For the last issue did a photo series on ecosexuals.

And the cover of the issue.

I also did the front cover for #5 – which had an ecosexual element to it too – a photo of a girl covered in green leaves.

So you already knew a bit about ecosexuality before #8?
Yes, it was implicit in my work; not officially – my friends and I weren’t aware of the movement, for example – but it is true that I’ve been photographing naked people in nature for a long time, in a natural way. So I went to Mallorca – which is where I usually take these kinds of photos – I convinced a couple of friends to come along and we went exploring.

Was it difficult to find the models?
Really not at all, it was very relaxed. The girls were excited to experiment. And then a couple who are really good friends of mine (and who are pretty open to this sort of thing) came along too. I didn’t pressure anyone! I’ve spent a lot of time in Mallorca but this trip gave me the opportunity to discover lots of new places that I would never have come across otherwise. The whole shoot took us three days.

Did you bump into anyone while taking the photos?
Yes! You know that photo, taken from above, with the two girls together? We had to sneak into an abandoned quarry to get the shot, and we were completely alone. The girls had climbed down and I was taking the photos from above, and then suddenly I heard this really aggressive noise. I turned around and there was this group of ten boys doing motocross. They were going up and down among the hills in the quarry when they saw us. But instead of saying sorry and going, they went straight towards the girls! I threw them their clothes and everything was fine, but it was pretty intense!

What did you learn from the whole experience?
This whole year I’m learning a lot. Not so much to do with sexuality, but about putting every part of nature on the same level. I’ve started to understand that I’m not an entity that exists separately from the universe, but that I’m a part of it all. So the river and I are the same; or mountains, or anything. I suppose what I learned was that sex is also something that can be included in this idea.

Were you inspired by any other artists or works for this project? Maybe Zabriskie Point for example?
There’s definitely a lot of similar shots in Zabriskie Point, but it’s a total coincidence. I haven’t even seen the film but a lot of people made that link so I’m looking forward to seeing it. The truth is the whole shoot was quite natural. I have a lot of points of reference: from Ryan McGinley to Synchrodogs, Ren Hang or Lina Scheynius… But the photos have the same aesthetic that I have always used, it’s how I feel happy expressing myself.

Is there something you’ve changed or begun recently and that has made your life better?
I’ve started drinking coffee in the evenings. I’m not sure if it’s made my life any better, but I like it a lot. I drink it really late. I’m very brave. Before I was scared of drinking a lot of coffee but I have overcome this fear.

Can you recommend us somewhere in your city that makes you feel good?
I love the Arc de Triomf. I live around there and I really like it. That street, which goes from the Arc down towards the Ciutadella, is the most beautiful street in Barcelona, for me. It’s got this incredible light and palm trees, it’s really spacious and you get the impression you’re walking straight to the sea when you go down it. There’s always people dancing there, sometimes you’ll come across some Japanese people doing Tai-Chi, or some kids doing acrobatics and there’s always a man making those giant bubbles. It’s a really fun place.

And a food that makes your stomach happy?
Avocados, mochi, mozzarella… light things.

And a song that puts a bounce in your step?
Zumbi by Jorge Ben.

What was the last piece of good news you remember reading?
I’m going to be an aunt this summer.

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