Instagram of the Week: Tessa Rose

#Makesmehappy series by Tessa Rose *** @tessaroserose Bouquets #makemehappy Ceramics #makemehappy Nature #makesmehappy Ocean glitter #makesmehappy Silence #makesmehappy Sunsets #makesmehappy

Hiker Trash: Tales from the Appalachian Trail

Interview: Hannah Whitfield — Photos, Illustrations, Hiking: Sarah Kaizar   Hiker Trash is a ‘collage of long distance backpacking culture’ documenting the experiences of those hiking the world famous Appalachian Trail. Artist Sarah Kaizar is among those who have completed the epic six-month hike. Her project illustrates the pure sense of community that


Photography: Carla Deltoro This is a project about love. Phenethylamine [Feniletilamina in Spanish] is a central nervous system stimulant, a neurotransmitter responsible for that nervous tingling feeling that (among others) takes over whenever we fall in love. In other words, there is a reason why we are so drawn to specific