Earning Turns

Photos, words: Zeger Dox It’s still dark in the sleepy village of La Grave, France when the smell of coffee lures us out of bed. After a quick breakfast we slide our feet full of taped blisters into our ski-boots, still wet from the day before. Fresh cold air fills our

Spots and Stars

Photography: Ward Roberts Ward Roberts’ ‘O’ was inspired by 15 minutes of sunset. Just before leaving Victoria for New York, he became aware of the brief yet magical period of Australian summertime sunset, and began to seek out models with the spots, skin tone, and sparkling eyes that would allow them to

Instagram of the Week: Soojin Chang

#Makesmehappy series from Soojin Chang *** @soojin_chang  Going deep inside worlds within worlds #makesmehappy Frolicking with my best friend #makesmehappy Clouds on earth #makemehappy Climbing alien dunes #makesmehappy The soul at rest, watching events in the past and future vanish in the distance #makesmehappy Letting go #makesmehappy