Maansi Jain Loves Late Night Shops

Photos: Maansi Jain This is Maansi Jain’s love letter to late night shops. She loves the marketing imagery: the brazenly photoshopped sandwiches and the irrepressibly bright colours. “I find the illusion of abundance sort of comforting. I feel like I’m eating or consuming everything I shoot. It becomes mine when I press the

Instagram of the Week: Hamish Robertson

#Makesmehappy series from Hamish Robertson ***  @hamish__r        Coming across a good patina #makesmehappy A well-kept horse #makesmehappy Closing one adventure, opening another #makesmehappy Generations living together #makesmehappy Now, existing by then #makesmehappy Wall to wall history #makesmehappy A high contrast #makesmehappy

Sunday Football

Photos Chris Baker Sunday football is the lifeblood of England. It’s so ingrained into the culture here that everyone knows someone who plays Sunday football. Whether it’s a brother, a father, a cousin, a boyfriend, a friend ... it’s impossible not to have a connection to it. It happens across the country