Collecting Dolly Parton

Interview: Johnny Crisp Patric Parkey and his partner, Harrell Gabehart, love Dolly Parton. They live five minutes from Dollywood, a Dolly-based theme park in Tennessee, they have lost count of the number of her shows they’ve been to, and their house is filled with the most comprehensive Dolly Parton collection in the

Instagram of the Week: Laia Gutiérrez

#Makesmehappy series from Laia Gutiérrez *** @lai_gutierrez Taking photos of my mum #makesmehappy Discovering new worlds #makesmehappy Finding beauty in grains of sand #makesmehappy Ginger hair #makesmehappy Pink sky reflected on water #makesmehappy Usually, drinking liquor #makesmehappy An unexpected and awesome sky #makesmehappy

Looking for Summer in the Middle of My Adulthood

Text and photos: Elena Aya Bundurakis Sink your teeth into the watermelon flesh and on your chin; pink rivers! Let them flow. And when they dry, with your small fingertip rub them softly, so that they fall inside your blouse. And then your chest can eat a little bit of Summer. Sinking my teeth into watermelon flesh is happiness. When you voluntarily cut yourself