Yokainoshima: Charles Fréger

Interview: Hannah Whitfield Eleven years after Charles Fréger first travelled to Japan in 2002 to photograph sumo wrestlers in Tokyo for his series entitled Rikishi, he returned to Japan to shoot the bold photographic series, Yokainoshima. The series offers a rare insight into the mystery of Japan’s masked ritual figures. In a

Instagram of the Week: Joshua Bareham

#Makesmehappy series from Joshua Bareham *** @joshua_bareham Curiosity #makesmehappy Constructing compositions #makesmehappy Exploration #makesmehappy  Light #makesmehappy Meeting an abyss #makesmehappy Plants #makemehappy Spontaneity #makesmehappy  

Collecting Dolly Parton

Interview: Johnny Crisp Patric Parkey and his partner, Harrell Gabehart, love Dolly Parton. They live five minutes from Dollywood, a Dolly-based theme park in Tennessee, they have lost count of the number of her shows they’ve been to, and their house is filled with the most comprehensive Dolly Parton collection in the