A Self Portrait Through the Eyes of My Lovers

Text: Johnny Crisp. Photography: Jenny Rova There is never just one person involved in a self-portrait. From quickly snapped selfies to the most meticulously constructed of photo-shoots, you are never alone. There is you the photographer, the version of you that you offer to the camera, and all the viewers who,

Instagram of the Week: Kimbra Audrey

#Makesmehappy series from Kimbra Audrey *** @kimbraaudrey Wind #makesmehappy Sun #makesmehappy Water #makesmehappy Earth #makesmehappy Waves #makemehappy Light #makesmehappy  

Earning Turns

Photos, words: Zeger Dox It’s still dark in the sleepy village of La Grave, France when the smell of coffee lures us out of bed. After a quick breakfast we slide our feet full of taped blisters into our ski-boots, still wet from the day before. Fresh cold air fills our