Fault Line: Sophie Barbasch

Interview: Hannah Whitfield Photos courtesy Sophie Barbasch Fault Line is the raw and spellbinding project by New York based photographer, Sophie Barbasch. With the muted colours of a sleepy coastal town in Maine as the backdrop, and Sophie’s cousin Adam as the protagonist, the subjects of Fault Line appear almost suspended in time, lost in

Instagram of the Week: Helena Goni

#makesmehappy series from Helena Goni*** @helena_goni Weird #makesmehappy Grey skies #makemehappy Travels #makemehappy The sea #makesmehappy Self portraits #makemehappy

Laura Subirats: To Start Again

Texto y fotos: Laura Subirás This project takes the form of an archive that functions in more than one way. Through a process of investigation and experimentation with design, it seeks to pose questions about the obsolescence of the present. Not only was this a personal process of documenting and inventorying a collection of stimulus materials that have