There’s no age limit for My Little Pony fans

Fotos de David Williams - @davidwilliamsphoto Some people used to play at My Little Pony when they were little. Later on in their lives, some of them decided to turn themselves into characters of this plastic toy (film and TV series saga). In 2015, the photographer David Williams went to the US Ponycon and here

Eat and heal

Photos by Kate Anglestein Set design by Gemma Thérèse Pearce Kate had a message for the world: if you're snowed under with work and stressed, if waiting for that exam result makes you feel a little bit anxious, if you're feeling blue or can't sleep at night (although the question is, who can with

The Life on the Road

Text by Marta Knaś Photos by Zac Both What does it mean to be living a dream? One could easily think that the 24-year-old filmmaker, Zach Both, knows the answer. Last year, he quit his job as an Art Director for a Boston-based start-up and hit the road in a revamped cargo van. ‘To


Close-up of honey bee