Napflix – It’s time for a nap!

Text by Elena Timón. Translation by Johnny Crisp Full stomach. Sofa. Under a blanket. You’re very comfortable. A nap is one of those happy moments that is really easy to get right. Your eyes are half shut, but for some reason you can’t quite drift off. What to do? A Channel 5 documentary?

Alec Soth: Desires in Black and White

Text by Xavi Ocaña, Translation by Johnny Crisp Contradiction in a person could well hold the title of the least desired human characteristic known to man. In fact, it’s something we all try to get rid of (with varying degrees of success) as quickly and painlessly as possible, without making a sound or leaving


Text by Irene de Mas Castanyer Translation by Johnny Crisp Recently I was asked if there was a song that would define me best and I didn’t have to think twice: Carl Orff’s Gassenhauer nach Hans Neusiedler (1536), or just Gassenhauer, among friends. [youtube Ct9G1PfyJts nolink] Later I asked the same question of a few


Close-up of honey bee