Bacon Double

Text by @pepewarren Illustration by Querida It happened this Saturday at the wedding of one of one of my childhood best friends, between the cheers and confetti, between the long lime green dresses, the popping corks, the lovely mother of the bride bending down to place the veil: I suddenly saw an enormous

A Wave of Happiness

Illustration, photography and text by Like a fish. Living is not easy. When we were born, no one told us that we would encounter obstacles within the path of life; neither did they tell us that we would have to choose between different avenues, even though our destinies have already been written.

Sponsored by Meyba: Catarina Telles

Bike polo is more than just a sport — it's about making friends and celebrating what's different. It's about having a passion for the game that goes beyond competitiveness. It's about believing in what’s urban and there for everyone, instead of just for the elite. They are values that MEYBA


Close-up of honey bee