De festival en festival

Arcade Fire, Pixies, The National o Nine Inch Nails llegan al Primavera Sound. [youtube C7BdXgIzDg0 nolink] Massive Attack, Four Tet, Bonobo o Ritchie Hawtin al Sónar. Franz Ferdinand, The Prodigy o Crystal Fighters al BBK. Y Kasabian, MIA, Tame Impala o Lilly Allen al FIB. [youtube sQEZDfYWr8M#t=79 nolink] La temporada de festivales llega
15 April 2014

Against boredom

What is happiness and what isn't? Should we seek it or is it beyond our grasp? Thousands of poets and scholars have written lengthy essays and scribbled countless verses for poems all to little avail. Here at PERDIZ, we are a bit simpler. Perhaps we don't look to such lofty
31 March 2014

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