Instagram of the Week: Jordan Madge

#Makesmehappy series by Jordan Madge *** @jordanmadge_ Bus rides through beautiful Japanese mountains #makemehappy Camping #makesmehappy Cherry blossom #makesmehappy Hida-Furukawa #makesmehappy Swimming in the river #makesmehappy Wandering around Hida-Furukawa and meeting its people #makesmehappy  

The home that floats

Interview: Johnny Crisp Canadian artists Catherine King and Wayne Adams live on a floating island that they built just off the coast of Vancouver Island. We talked to them about their off-the-grid fortress. How did you come to live on this island? We moved to Freedom Cove in 1992. We had been living

Instagram of the Week: Lita Bosch

#Makesmehappy series by Lita Bosch *** @litabosch Going on skate adventures #makesmehappy Going up the hill and enjoying the city views #makesmehappy Going back home with dirty clothes after a good skate session #makesmehappy Taking portraits of friends after they dyed their hair #makesmehappy Switching off my computer and going out to skate #makesmehappy Getting lost with a good