Profiles: El Hematocrítico

Interview by María Arranz El Hematocrítico is the virtual identity a primary school teacher hides behind. When he's not teaching classes, he involved in various humour projects online which are (remotely) related to art, cinema and popular culture. Behind El Hematocrítico there is a guy in La Coruña who isn't all that sure
1 July 2015


Modern life can be a daily assault on our senses. As we grow up, we grow accustomed to the noises, sights and smells, becoming blind to the billboards and de-tuned to strangers’ conversations. Sometimes it’s because of the all too familiar; the daily rituals we all observe and repetitive tasks
24 June 2015


Text by Brianna Kovan In my family, Sunday mornings were reserved for two things: forced morning conversations and popover brunches. My mother would somehow wrangle together the family, both the sleepy-eyed and the morning birds, through these regular brunches. Each Sunday was the same. From under the bedcovers, a subtle but
22 June 2015


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