Text by Javier Suárez Peregrine Church and his accomplices have decided to give a more literal twist to “finding the silver lining in every cloud” with their project Rainworks!.  Using a product that is non-toxic and ecologically-sound to seal the tarmac and cement of roads and pavements to create optimistic works of
30 March 2015


Text by Javier Suárez Mark Bustos is a stylist in New York City with one wish: to make people feel better, especially the least fortunate. While working in an upscale barber’s in the city, one day he decided to offer his skills to some people who couldn’t have been further from his habitual
9 February 2015

PERDIZ @ The Folio Market

Las weekend we attended The Folio Market – an indie mags fair i Barcelona– where we talked a bit about PERDIZ.   Photos © Ariadna Pujol, The Folio Market , 2014
17 December 2014


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