Glorious Youth

Is our youth the happiest time of our lives? In this photographic report Akasha Rabut reveals the day to day life of the cheerleaders and marching band of a New Orleans high school.
30 September 2015


Text by Ana Esteban Who is healthier or looks happier, someone who is pale-faced or rosy-cheeked? If you had to choose a colour to represent “life”, would you choose green or grey? Questions that might seem obvious, but questions like these make me wonder if the colour of a thing gives
21 September 2015

Butterfly Love

We interviewed photographer Bego Antón about his project Butterfly Days. When and why did you decide to do an article on people who “hunt” butterflies? I was very interested in birdwatchers and started to look into the subject. On one of those days of investigation I met with a friend for breakfast and
8 September 2015