Un oasis de cine (available only in Spanish)

Texto de Jaume Tarascó Los buenos cinéfilos me comprenderán cuando digo que me apasiona el cine y me apasiona ir solo al cine. Puede parecer un poco triste y solitario a primera vista pero es una experiencia absolutamente recomendable. Ir solo al cine significa no establecer ningún tipo de comunicación con nadie,
11 August 2014

Images from the past that make us happy

Miss Sausage Queen, 1955. Men in party hats, 1930. Apples. Photo credit: Sid Avery. Pilow fight. Source: Library of Congress. The Byron Company photographers posing together for what might be the first selfie ever (1920). Inventor Vincent P. Taylor in his inflatable rubber suit floating on San Fransico Bay, 1926. Big Jay McNeely driving the crowd at the Olympic Auditorium
28 July 2014

Gangsta Grandparents

Text by Lucía López Who hasn't rolled their eyes at the ineptitude of their grandfather facing some new-fangled gizmo or at gran when she makes her comments about why anyone would wear “pants with holes in them”. We would love them to learn a few new tricks, embrace a bit of
6 July 2014


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