The Hula Hoop Master

An interview by Irene de Mas Who is Marawa The Amazing? She is a hula hoop champion who loves coffee.    Why the hula hoop? What do you like about it? It’s a very nice design. It has no edges, looks pretty and makes nice shapes. When did you start playing with it and why? When I was
3 August 2015

Learn to smile for a moderate price

Text by Jaume Tarascó Smiling. Smiling for a photo, smiling because you’re happy, smiling because the waiter is bringing that delicious dish you’ve ordered, smiling because you overhear your favourite song being played, taking off your socks when you get home and scratching the imprint the elastic band left in your
30 July 2015

The other sides of Football

Photo by Hans Van der Meer Football moves mountains. It inspires passion. There are those who eagerly await the weekend match as if it were the imminent announcement of world peace. Others denounce the corruption and exorbitant salaries paid to kick a ball around a pitch for 90 minutes at a
17 July 2015