Delayed Happiness

Text by Xavi Ocaña - Translation by Johnny Crisp Images from the Until Next Summer series by Mònica Figueras The present is overrated. Especially since there is no time to lose. Since we don’t even have time to pronounce expressions longer than two syllables and YOLO replaced Carpe Diem. Live every moment as if it were your

Ill-tempered? Go to sleep!

In her book The Twenty-four Hour Mind: The Role of Sleep and Dreaming in Our Emotional Lives, sleep researcher Rosalind D. Cartwright tells us about the regulatory purpose of dreaming: "Despite differences in terminology, all the contemporary theories of dreaming have a common thread — they all emphasize that dreams are not about

Cry and be happy

Text by Lola Camacho Translation by Kitty Fuller Try to remember the mushiest loves songs your ears have ever put up with. Remember, even Iron Maiden have ballads for when metalheads are jilted by their girlfriends. Visualize the lyrics, those words you've never dared utter, the feelings that they evoked and that you yourself once felt deep


Close-up of honey bee