Eggs, smoke, asparagus, punch and fortune telling

Gracias a Cibelle​, Bompas & Parr​, The London EDITION​ y a todos los asistentes por esta noche, mágica y loca, llena de predicciones del futuro y risas. ¡Esperamos volver pronto a Londres!
26 August 2015

The happy bus stations

Text by Fernando de Mahía Hello, allow me to present myself: my name is Fernando and I’m a Journalism graduate of the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, possibly the decision which has had the greatest impact on my life so far. For the best, of course. At the moment I work
21 August 2015

GUT FEELINGS at the Print is Dead Library

As you may know, Perdiz is a collectable magazine about things that make people happy. Foodsmiths Bompas & Parr make a lot of people happy too, with their crazy jellies, cocktails and food-related events and installations. They were featured in Perdiz’s latest issue, and now, are partnering with us and artist Cibelle Cavalli Bastos to create an
7 August 2015